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A Turn-Key Movement Skill Lesson Plan For All Ages

Physical Education and Physical Exercise Are the Backbones of Physical and Cognitive Development

Movement Skills Program

Movement Academy’s Youth Movement Skills PE Program follows SHAPE America’s Standards 1 and 3 and all states’ standards for movement-based skills.  A quality Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP) begins with a quality PE program as the foundation for a healthier and more active school.  All teachers at a school or school district have uniform access to teach all students, regardless of their athletic talent, the proper movement skills for physical literacy.  Age appropriate exercises at the touch of your fingertips from any device gives teachers confidence in their abilities to explain and demonstrate proper movement skills.  SEL opportunities are created for students to enrich their learning environment through socialization.  School administrators have accountability through monthly reports to ensure teachers are using the program and progressing students through each phase all year long.  For a free consultation to determine if the Youth Movement Skills Program is right for you, email Sales Director Matt Peale at or call (985) 276-9394.  Qualifying schools can receive 20% off their first year.

Listen to what a 5th grade teacher says:

“Movement Academy has sparked excitement in my PE classes.  Students love to warm up to movements from the program.  There are specific movements for every grade level and phases to follow throughout the year.  It is simple to implement.  Each movement has a purpose, description, tip and even a video!  There is no searching for ideas it is all there for you. “

Active Classroom Program

Movement Academy’s Classroom Physical Activity Program follows SHAPE America’s Standards 1 and 3 and all states’ standards for movement-based skills.  Easy to use in the classroom for teachers and students to follow regardless of their grade level.  Age appropriate movements allow students to feel comfortable and not silly as they prime their brains for improved academic performance.  PE is not enough to give students the CDC mandated 60 minutes of daily physical activity.  Your school must comply by adding in classroom physical activity breaks.  To determine if Movement Academy is a fit for your school, email Sales Director Matt Peale at or call (985) 276-9394 for a free consultation.

Professional Development Programs for PE Teachers

PE teachers have the same professional development requirements as classroom teachers.   Why make a PE teacher sit in a social studies or math PD session that brings little to no value for their job?  Movement Academy is a critical spoke in the CSPAP wheel for staff involvement with physical education specific PD seminars on topics such as state and national standards, CSPAP implementation, assessments, and SEL opportunities in PE.  Whether your needs are a two-hour seminar or up to a full day, Movement Academy provides an interactive and fun seminar that PE teachers and administrators value.  For more information, or to book your school’s next professional development seminar, call (985) 276-9394, or email us at

Active Schools Partner

Movement Academy is a proud official partner organization of Active Schools US.  Become an Active Schools Champion for free to receive their monthly newsletter with grant opportunities, partner discounts, PE and physical activity campaigns, and information to help you stay current in the latest trends for PE.  Being a champion is open to anyone:  teachers, parents, and school administrators.  Find out how your school can implement a CSPAP with the help of Movement Academy and Active Schools by clicking HERE.

If you are serious about improving the physical health and cognitive development of your students and athletes, schedule a FREE consultation today. Call us at 985-276-9394 or email to