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Movement Academy Active Aging Program – Your Lifeline to a Higher Quality of Life!

Your lifeline to a higher quality of life

It is a fact – the body and brain decline as you age.  The rate of decline varies per individual and depends on many factors.  Some of the factors are genetic, and some are lifestyle based.  The question is, are you a ticking timebomb of both types of factors waiting to explode?

You cannot completely reverse the years of unhealthy living, but you can start today making changes for a longer and healthier life.  If you want to:

Get stronger
Fight off the signs and symptoms of memory decline & dementia
Improve your balance and coordination for fall prevention
Be more active with friends and family

Maintain your independence with better balance and a better brain!

Movement Academy’s Active Aging Program is for you!  So much more than a chair-based senior exercise program.  In only 10 minutes a day for 30 days, maintain your independence with better balance and a better brain guaranteed, or your money back.

Regardless of your mobility level, Movement Academy’s Active Aging Individual Program is for you.  Right at your fingertips are exercises customized to you for only a few dollars a month.  Simply Click Here, purchase the plan and fill out the health history questions, and our medical staff will assign you to the proper program level that meets your needs.  No long term obligation required.  24/7 access from any device anywhere you are.  Move through the program alone or with friends.

Great for Organizations Too!

Your organization can benefit from everything Movement Academy has to offer.  Let our team provide you the best solution to meet your logistics and budget.  We can conduct exercise classes with our certified trainers, train your staff to conduct the classes, or allow you to implement the program on your own.  Your clients, patients, or residents will be happier, more confident, and more engaged regardless of their mobility.  Movement Academy’s Active Aging Organizational Program can be the senior exercise program you’re looking for to outshine your competition, and attract and maintain more people involved with your healthy lifestyle programs

See what the Movement Academy Active Agers Program can do for your organization:

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