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Movement Academy Franchise Opportunities

Build a lucrative business by helping people develop and maintain
a healthy and active lifestyle

Do you have a passion for teaching others to be healthy and active?

Do you lead a healthy and active lifestyle for yourself?

Are you interested in creating a business with a target market that grows by thousands every day?

Movement Academy may be for you.

Movement Academy is offering franchise opportunities to selected individuals interested in building a lucrative business by helping people develop and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We offer a turn-key business operation plan and provide tremendous training and support to help you develop your Movement Academy Franchise Territory.

Our programs reach a broad spectrum of potential clients

  • Schools and school districts
  • After school programs
  • Recreation districts
  • Senior centers
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Medical and wellness programs
  • Individuals

If you are motivated and disciplined, the Movement Academy Business Opportunity may be for you.

Movement Academy program:

  • Movement Academy Active Agers Program
  • Movement Academy Youth Movement Skills Program
  • Movement Academy Senior Facilities Program
  • Movement Academy Professional Development Seminars
  • Movement Academy Neuroplasticity Seminars
  • Movement Academy Medical Wellness Program
  • Movement Academy Individual Program

Let’s see if you are a fit for this business. If so, Movement Academy will provide all of the tools you need to build a successful and profitable business.

America’s youth today are in trouble.  With shrinking PE budgets and a childhood obesity epidemic, our next generation of adults are only getting exercise with their thumbs.  Schools do not have dedicated PE teachers or a set curriculum to hold them accountable and teach a true physical education.  Additionally, sports specification at an early age is causing the surgical curve to drop from college age athletes to early teens.  These are just a few factors that create an incredible opportunity for the right person to make Movement Academy a driving force in the lives of children in their geographic location.

In 2018 the CDC is publishing it’s revised Physical Activity Guidelines Report.  In this report are details of the positive effects physical activity and exercise have on cognitive function and academic performance.  Movement Academy’s Active Aging Program and Youth Movement Skills Program are specifically designed to follow this report.  The impact movement has on memory, executive function, and attention spans puts Movement Academy in a prime position to be the market leader for cognitive development in youth and seniors.

10,000 people in the United States are turning 65 each day.  This group has the largest buying power of any demographic across the country, and they don’t want to go the way of the nursing home like their parents!  What does this mean for a franchisee?  It means potential customers who want to buy and buy now!  Whether it is a senior based organization like a Council on Aging, assisted living facility, or your neighbor who wants to live the rest of her life at home, Movement Academy’s Active Aging Program is designed from medical research to be their answer.

Movement Academy is in a category of one.  Yes, there are plenty of online exercise programs and various PE curriculum companies, but none exercise the brain via specific and scientifically based movements of the body in a structured and systematic fashion.  You can be sure as a franchisee, that the latest medical research is going into updates of both programs to keep your business top of mind with prospects and customers.  Movement Academy is doctor recommended to build neuroplasticity, improve balance and stability, and teach healthy lifestyle habits to young and old.

Are you the person Movement Academy is looking for?  Only the most passionate, driven, and dedicated entrepreneurs make the cut to become franchise owners.  If this is you, read on to learn more about our offering and how to apply.  If this is not you, we appreciate you taking the time to find out more about Movement Academy, and hope we can make a positive difference for you or your loved ones.

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