Frequently Asked Questions Movement Academy Active Aging Program

Active Aging FAQ

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  • How often do I use the program to see results?

The program is designed to be used for 30 minutes, three times per week.  Rest at least one day between workouts, and rest one to two minutes between sets for the suggested number of sets.  If you have access to weights for some exercises, use the heaviest allowable weight to complete the suggested number of reps.

  • How do I know which exercises to perform each day?

Try to perform at least one exercise out of each movement category each session. That maximizes the efficacy of the program.

  • Can I set my workout for each session?

Yes. Click the Hide button on your protocol list for those exercises you won’t be doing that day. Don’t worry – they will reappear when you close out or you can restore them by clicking the Show All button on the lower right of the page.

  • What equipment is needed?

You don’t really need a lot. While some exercises call for Olympic bars, dumbbells, and bands, use what you have available at home for substitutions.  For example, use a PVC pipe or broom stick in place of an Olympic bar, and soup cans or gallon water jugs in place of dumbbells.  Do the same motions shown with bands for your rotator cuff just without the bands.  You can also use resistance bands in place of dumbbells on some exercises.  Check the Tips button to see potential options. If you have access to a gym or fitness center, the program can be performed there with the appropriate equipment.  Use your phone or tablet to guide you.  Remember, the Active Aging Program is accessible from any device with an internet connection, not just your computer.

  • What if I don’t use the program?  Do the phases still change?

Yes, the phases are automatically calendared to progress and change on your monthly anniversary date.  It is set up this way to encourage use.  If you don’t use every exercise that phase, no problem.  You will have them again in future phases for practice and mastery.

  • How long is the program and what happens when it’s done?

The Active Aging Program is 12 months long.  After 12 months, you may be elevated to the next level. Like all exercise type programs, foundation movements like squats don’t change.  Squats are performed every week by gym goers all over the world.  Continue using the program with increased weight resistance, more reps and sets, and/or improved mastery of the exercises.  Nothing goes “out of style” and everything remains highly relevant throughout the natural aging process.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time and are not under any contract. You just need to cancel before the monthly renewal date, which is the date you signed up.