Movement Academy Partnership with Active Schools –

Welcome Active School Champions

Movement Academy is pleased to announce its partnership with Active Schools. Today, physical inactivity among youth and childhood obesity have reached epidemic proportions in America. Research shows that an astounding 2 out of 3 kids aren’t moving enough. So, Active Schools is on a mission to reverse that trend.

Movement Academy shares that mission, and incorporates the Science of Movement into an age-appropriate long term athletic development program for PE teachers and kids from grades K – 12. There are times in the growth process that are appropriate for students to learn certain movement skills, and the Movement Academy Movement Skills Program offers teachers a science based step-by-step science based program to develop fundamental movement skills – teaching the right movements at the right time. Our program meets all of the SHAPE America PE standards – done for you at the click of a button. No lesson planning is needed!

Each teacher participating in the program has a phased lesson plan for each grade that teaches these movement skills at the proper time in their students physical development. From basic balance and stability exercises, students progress through increasingly challenging movements that develop proper skills, promote symmetrical development, reduce injuries, improve socialization skills, and lay the foundation for a healthy active lifestyle – FOR LIFE.

  • Balance & Stability
  • Dynamic Movement
  • Object Control
  • Plyometrics
  • Linear Speed and Agility
  • Lateral Speed and Agility
  • Fun Drills
  • Strength, Endurance & Power

Each of the over 170 exercises in the program offers a description of the exercise, what it is designed to develop, tips to assure proper form, and a video of the exercise to provide clarity that can also be shown to the students.

Movement Academy offers our Youth Movement Skills Program for $175 per grade for the entire school year. We are pleased to offer a 15% discount to all Active School Champions. Our Active Classroom Program – getting kids moving in class with meaningful activity – is also being offered for $50 per grade per year in this Active Schools Special. The program includes the phased lesson plan for each participating grade, usage monitors and motivators for program accountability, links to valuable resources (including state standards and SLT’s where available), training and support, and ongoing educational updates and webinars.

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