Movement Academy is a leader in incorporating technology with physical education and activity. We firmly believe in the beneficial effects that 150 weekly minutes of  physical activity has on improving academic performance and cognitive function. Adding daily classroom physical activity breaks into the normal schedule is recognized by the CDC as contributing to the guidelines of 150 weekly minutes of being active. Movement Academy is offering 25 grants worth $1,000 each to schools in the United States for our Active Classroom Program.

What is the Movement Academy Active Classroom Program?

The Active Classroom Program is based on our Youth Movement Skills P.E. Program for K-12. The Youth Movement Skills Program is SHAPE America Standard 1 compliant, with age appropriate exercise protocols accessible from any device and computer. Eight movement categories come standard with the Youth Movement Skills Program, and the Active Classroom Program takes out movements involving ball control, needing extra equipment, running, and moving along the ground. Each month a new phase to progress students is automatically updated to keep their attention span and take the guesswork from the teacher. Movements are performed standing or seated at their desk for minimal disruption and ease of use. All grade levels can benefit as the exercises are specifically designed to stimulate the body and brain of each age group. The older kids won’t feel silly as with other movement programs geared toward younger kids. Teachers have a log in for each grade level at the school and can use the program whenever it fits into their respective classroom schedules. The grant includes age appropriate exercises for each grade in your school, and can be used by multiple teachers in each grade.

Here’s what you get:

  • Online video training tools on how to best use the program
  • Login monitoring to keep track of program usage
  • Password protected access to program
  • Automatically phased protocols to keep students interested and challenged
  • Options for assessment tools to monitor student performance
  • Movement Academy Newsletter to keep track of the latest developments in physical education
  • Detailed descriptions of each exercise, including videos of proper form and tips for correcting bad habits

    Application deadline: February 15, 2019 with selection February 18, 2019.
    Grant length: February – June 2019

    Grant requirements:
    • Must be a registered Active Schools Champion (join for free at
    • United States only
    • All grade levels and classrooms at the selected school have access to the program
    • Grant is only for classroom usage and the application is for the entire school
    • Not for use in P.E. class
    • Applicants must describe why they want to use the program in the application
    • A monthly user log in report will be sent to the school administrator for tracking purposes

Grants will be awarded based on merit, not financial need. Public and private schools may apply. Winners will be notified via email to setup a live webinar training for all users.

Simply fill out the form below and click SEND. We will notify you of the results of your application on January 15, 2019.