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Movement Academy provides tools to educate and increase physical activity for youth and older adults

Active Agers Home Program

Designed by physicians, therapists, and trainers for older adults who want to remain independent. The Active Aging Home Program is a web based exercise program for seniors helping with fall prevention at home and balance exercises for the elderly. Scientific based evidence also indicates a positive correlation between exercise and dementia.

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Active Agers Institutional Program

The institutional program can be the exercise program for seniors your fitness facility is looking for to outshine your competition. Let our team provide you the best solution to meet your logistics and budget.  We can conduct exercise classes with our certified trainers, train your staff to conduct the classes, or allow you to implement the program on your own.  

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Youth Movement Skills Physical Education Program

Our Youth Movement Skills PE Program can become part of a school’s physical education curriculum. The program follows SHAPE America’s Standards 1 and 3 and all states’ standards for movement-based skills. Qualifying schools can receive 20% off their first year.

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Active Classroom Program

A PE class is not enough to give students the CDC mandated 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Our age appropriate, easy to use physical activity in the classroom movement program allows students to feel comfortable as they prime their brains for improved academic performance.

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Professional Development Seminars

Whether your needs are a two-hour seminar or up to a full day, Movement Academy provides an interactive and fun seminar that PE teachers and administrators value.

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Why Movement Academy?

What is the best way to improve physical education for kids and schools AND wellness and independence for older adults? Compound Movements! Improve strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility for everyone regardless of age! Help students improve physical and academic performance. Help older adults improve balance and cognitive performance. The brain is primed for what’s called neuroplasticity at an early age and as you get older. Learn how Movement Academy harnesses this power and is perfect for you by downloading our free report, Neuroplasticity & You!

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What our Clients are Saying

Vermilion Parish Schools Meaux Elementary

Movement Academy has sparked excitement in my PE classes.  Students love to warm up to movements from the program.  There are specific movements for every grade level and phases to follow throughout the year.  It is simple to implement.  Each movement has a purpose, description, tip and even a video!  There is no searching for ideas it is all there for you.

Michelle Caldwell
PE Teacher
Washington Parish COA Washington Parish COA

“Movement Academy’s Active Aging Program has enabled our organization to provide an affordable, on-site exercise program that truly benefits seniors both mentally and physically. The convenience of the on-line easy to follow videos allows our staff the flexibility of scheduling classes when and where we want to! This is a big reason for the program’s success! After only 6 months in the program, participants have noticed improvement in both mobility and balance. I would recommend that you consider Movement Academy’s Active Aging Program as a part of your organization’s health and wellness program!”

Nancy McBeth
Executuve Director
St. James COA St. James Council on Aging

In January, the “Get Fit” program was extended to the clients at the senior centers to teach them balance through Movement Academy. On Tuesdays and Thursdays an instructor from Movement Academy goes in and works one-on-one with the seniors to help them improve their balance. Two of the clients, a 60 year old and a 71 year old shared with the center coordinator how their health was improving. They went on to say that they can control their balance better and the exercises help them to feel more energetic during the day.

Sue Won Narcisse
Iroquois High School Iroqouis High School

Sometimes the students are tired, sleepy and with problems, that result in a poor academic achievement. They are in need of that first start to charge their battery and make them have attention to the class. With ... Movement Academy, we were connected and enjoyed those first minutes of the class.... They really liked it and wanted to continue the exercises. The benefits are for both students and professor, because they start the day in a positive way and you can see that motivation in the class. I believe that it is important that their body and mind be prepare to facilitate their academic achievement. We give them the correct techniques to move their body .... The program explains each exercise, tips and a video of each exercise.... I give it thumbs up.

Giselle M.
St. Cletus St. Cletus Catholic School

What I like about using LTMA is that it gives me some exercises and movements to supplement my lessons. On a daily basis I have incorporated several of the Phase I exercises into the class warm up routine. Some movements I use once a week because of time constraints ( I only see students twice a week), I do less when I wish to have team competitions during the class and not just skills work. The students seem to enjoy the movements for the most part. Of course the younger the students, the more willing they are to participate in something new. I plan to incorporate the movements from Phase II into my lessons just like I did with Phase I movements.

Robin Lee
Physical Education Instructor
Christ Episcopal School Christ Episcopal School

Learn to Move Academy’s program has provided our PE teachers with a year-long schedule of exercise protocols that include lesson plans to teach students fundamental movement skills. The curriculum includes age appropriate programs for students from grades K-9, although only students in grades 6-9 are so engaged this year at CES. We incorporated the program because of the myriad of benefits this program provides to our students and the convenience of the program for our teachers. As we begin our second year of association with Learn to Move, we believe the program has benefited our students and has improved the quality of our PE program for those students who have participated.

John Morvant

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